Stephen Kramer
Vermont Master Plumbing License: PM-03643
Vermont Propane Gas Installer: GP-03750
Vermont Gold Oil Installer: OG-01215

Stephen Kramer is a master plumber and the President of Kramer Services, Inc.  Kramer Services was established 1998.  Stephen started his plumbing and heating education in 1990 with Ja-mic Plumbing in New Jersey.  While there he worked in many new home developments and learned many skills such as setting plumbing fixtures, installing water and service piping, as well as overseeing plumbing subcontractors.

In 1994, Stephen moved back to Portsmouth, NH and worked for Perry Plumbing.  While there he fine turned his skills and was the supervisor on many new home projects.  He would oversee up to 6 other journeyman and apprentices. In 1997, while with Perry Plumbing, Stephen became a master plumber in New Hampshire.  The following year he passed the plumbing exams for both Maine and Vermont.

Since 1998, Stephen has slowly built his Company one customer at a time.  Kramer Services, Inc. now has a solid customer base that continues to grow and has been built on a solid reputation.  Customers know that he is reliable, dependable, clean, professional, courteous and knowledgable.